The Effectiveness of Virtual Health and Wellness Coaching

Demand for Health and Wellness coaching has skyrocketed over the past decade with the popularity of fitness and healthy eating cultures. Because working towards these health goals can be so difficult, it can be frustrating to try and make those big changes in life all on one’s own. This is exactly where the need forContinue reading “The Effectiveness of Virtual Health and Wellness Coaching”

Introducing Sivana’s Group Class Feature

Many students and instructors alike are familiar with the benefits of one-on-one learning: high quality interactions with instructors, elimination of distractions, low stress environment, etc. Though one-on-one learning has its strengths, evidence suggests that small group classes can have other advantages that cannot be offered by one-on-one learning. Small group settings allow students to participateContinue reading “Introducing Sivana’s Group Class Feature”

Introducing our Homework Help Project

New York City public schools’ switch to remote learning at the start of the pandemic had a major impact on working class families, who had to make big adjustments within just a few days. While switching up their everyday routines and juggling their jobs, they also had to maintain childcare and their children’s schooling. Meanwhile,Continue reading “Introducing our Homework Help Project”

Welcome to Sivana!

For some time we’d been working on this behind the scenes, and now it’s ready — EvolvEd has become Sivana! Sivana has been known in literature as a (possibly mythical) refuge in the Himalayas populated by a group of wise folks called the Sages of Sivana. The protagonist of one recent story was advised toContinue reading “Welcome to Sivana!”

Expert Feature: Jamal Bilal on Telling Stories

EvolvEd intern Bryant Blackburn sits down for a conversation with Jamal Bilal, a storyteller, writer, producer and comic book artist in New York City. BB: I usually start interviews by asking for the guest to introduce themselves, but you say on your website you don’t like talking about yourself, so, instead, I’d like to askContinue reading “Expert Feature: Jamal Bilal on Telling Stories”

EvolvEd CEO Benjamin Horst Interviewed for Tech People Podcast

Our CEO, Benjamin Horst, was recently interviewed by Ken Coyne for his Tech People podcast in a segment about launching new technology products. Drawing from his experience with EvolvEd, along with prior positions at Bloomberg LP, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Shapeways, Six Apart and others, the interview covers topics including how to build aContinue reading “EvolvEd CEO Benjamin Horst Interviewed for Tech People Podcast”

Welcoming our New Intern, Bryant

A new member has joined the EvolvEd marketing team for the fall semester! Bryant Blackburn is from Brooklyn, New York and a sophomore at Bowdoin College, where he’s pursuing a major in music composition and performance, with a minor in English. At Bowdoin, Bryant plays bass in the jazz combos, is a member of Bowdoin’s SaturdayContinue reading “Welcoming our New Intern, Bryant”

Expert Feature: Ballet with Maria Dean

EvolvEd intern Johnathan Dean sits down with Maria Dean to talk about her experience with ballet, why she loves dancing, how it serves as a creative outlet and avenue of self-expression. When did you first start ballet?  I first started classical ballet at age 5.  Why did you try ballet? Were there any people whoContinue reading “Expert Feature: Ballet with Maria Dean”

EvolvEd Technologies LLC Announces Partnership with Eazy-Digi Edtech Solutions

EvolvEd Technologies LLC and Eazy-Digi Edtech Solutions have announced a partnership to bring Eazy-Digi’s online tutors to the growing EvolvEd community. This collaboration utilizes the Partner Page feature on EvolvEd: organizations that partner with EvolvEd can create their own branded page on the site, displaying information about the organization and serving as an umbrella underContinue reading “EvolvEd Technologies LLC Announces Partnership with Eazy-Digi Edtech Solutions”

Word of the Week: Lethargic

Lethargic: having a lack of energy and feeling weak; lazy or drowsy. It comes from the Greek word ληθαργικός (lethargikos), which means ‘drowsy’, and was first used in the 1590s.  Example Comic on a Sluggish Day: How To Say ‘Lethargic’ In Different Languages: Italian Letargico (pronounced leh-tar-gee-co) Korean 무기력 한 (pronounced mugilyeog han; also meansContinue reading “Word of the Week: Lethargic”