The Effectiveness of Virtual Health and Wellness Coaching

Demand for Health and Wellness coaching has skyrocketed over the past decade with the popularity of fitness and healthy eating cultures. Because working towards these health goals can be so difficult, it can be frustrating to try and make those big changes in life all on one’s own. This is exactly where the need for health and wellness coaches comes in. In fact, research shows that life coaching rather than training yourself has significant impacts on weight loss and gaining healthy eating habits in general. The Miriam Hospital’s Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center located in Providence, RI., was able to show statistically significant evidence that health and wellness coaches helped guide their clients to lose more than nine percent of their body weight through the twenty-four week study period

Research has proven that having a coach to guide you through your fitness journey is the most effective way to reach your goals. A common problem is finding an affordable way to be coached on your wellness while also getting the one-on-one interactions you need to maximize your success. This is where online coaching has gained momentum as a more cost effective way for the health and wellness community to gain clients, and for people struggling with maintaining a healthy lifestyle to seek guidance. 

Sivana helps facilitate these connections between wellness coaches and their clients. The platform allows clients and instructors to easily schedule appointments through our built-in calendar system and live video calling function. With our growing user base in this sector, we anticipate online health and wellness coaching will continue to evolve virtually and prove to be just as effective as in-person coaching. 

Though the world is beginning to move back to its in-person ways, some of our virtual habits are sure to stay. We now know that living virtually is not only possible, but in many cases more practical. For someone looking to develop a healthier way of living, learning these habits from Sivana’s platform with one-on-one or small group interaction is a simple first and last step. 

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