Sivana Savant for March 30

Welcome to Sivana Savant! In this weekly series we’ll update you on five exciting things we’ve been working on.

  1. We listened to user feedback and have updated the group call feature in our video classroom. Make a class or join a class, but make sure to try it out!
  2. Jenna is joining the Sivana family to run our new ad campaign! Look out for our new ads on social media and help by spreading the word to your friends.
  3. Diego designed a Homework Helpers’ flyer in Spanish, and more improvements to our landing page that will be coming soon. Find the flyer below and post it around your neighborhood!
  4. Tess has been busy working behind the scenes but has just released a new tip of the week. Learn about the causes of procrastination and check out her previous tips of the week on our blog!
  5. Sivana wants to help the non-profits you value. Our technology platform is a great fit for organizations that connect communities for teaching, mentoring and sharing knowledge of all kinds. If you know of a non-profit that is looking to build its online presence, please contact us!

What do y’all think of what we have going on? And what do you think we should be working on? Let us know in the comments!

At Sivana we pride ourselves on community and constant progress. You are very much a member and we truly value your feedback.

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