Sivana Savant For Thursday, March 11

Welcome to Sivana Savant! In this weekly series we will update you on some of the exciting things we’re working on.

  1. We spent some time reviewing our website analytics, which shows visitor traffic from all over the world. Building our community is an integral part to improving the diversity and thus quality of our learning community. Help us out by posting some of our flyers around schools near you! (See a screenshot of the flyers below.)
  2. We are collaborating with Start Lighthouse and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Homework Help initiative! If you are interested in involving your school, contact us, and if you’re interested in volunteering, sign up for Homework Helpers here!
  3. Nicole Lynch’s first article, about our Homework Help project, was published on our blog.
  4. More improvements are coming to our website. Micah has created new Subject card status indicators, Diego is re-designing our landing page and our new group chat functionality is available now!

What do y’all think of what we have going on, and what do you think we should be working on? Let us know in the comments!

At Sivana we pride ourselves on community and constant progress. You are very much a member and we really value your feedback.

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