Sivana Savant

Welcome to Sivana Savant! In this regular series we will update you on five exciting things our team is working on, to give you a feel of what our days are like as we build our technology platform and grow our online community at Sivana.

  1. We are test piloting a new marketing strategy… Paper Flyers! It sounds simple, but sometimes simple is the best way to market. Find a copy below and feel free to print them out to hang up around schools and universities near you! (Available in English and Spanish.)
    • How do we track its effectiveness? The QR codes include embedded campaign metadata that we can analyze in Google Analytics to find our how many visitors come to Sivana because of our flyers.
  2. We are growing our health and wellness community and are looking to work with additional health coach training programs. If you know any health coaches, trainers or other related practitioners that want to maximize their impact or if you are looking to start the new year right, search our health and wellness section.
  3. Our new Sivana logo was designed by Diego Martin, but we are still tweaking some nuances, so let us know what you think it on our site now.
  4. Tess Britton has completed an update and expansion of our Sivana user guide! Go there for any and all questions or just to learn more about our site and about online teaching and learning.
  5. We have a new intern: Nicole Lynch has joined us! She is a student at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. A marketing major, she will be spearheading our social media efforts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit and other platforms.

What do y’all think of what we have going on and what do you think we should be working on? Sound off in the comments!

At Sivana we pride ourselves on community and constant progress. You are very much a member and we value your feedback.

2 thoughts on “Sivana Savant

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! We hope flyers work as well for us as they did for you. So glad you like the concept! 🙂


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