Word of the Week: Gregarious

Gregarious: sociable and outgoing; to love being with people. It comes from the Latin noun grex, meaning “herd/flock”, and was mainly used to describe animals in the 17th century. By the 18th century, gregarious was also used to describe sociable people.

Example Comic Set at a Birthday Party:

How To Say “Gregarious” in Different Languages:

Korean 사교적 인 (pronounced sagyojeog in)
Greekαγελαίος (pronounced agelaíos)
DanishSelskabelig (pronounced sils-kay beh-lig; sociable)
AfrikaansKuddedier (pronounced kuh-deh-dee)
PolishTowarzyski (pronounced to-var-zeh-skee; sociable)

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