EvolvEd Technologies LLC Announces Partner Page Feature and Partnership with New York Chess Academy

EvolvEd Technologies LLC and the New York Chess Academy have announced a partnership to bring online chess lessons to the growing EvolvEd community. This collaboration utilizes the new Partner Page feature on EvolvEd: organizations that partner with EvolvEd can create their own branded page on the site that displays information about the organization and serves as an umbrella under which their Experts are displayed in one location for ease of customer discovery. This allows any business or non-profit to maintain its brand and grow its operations using EvolvEd’s platform.

Partnership with the New York Chess Academy is an exciting development for EvolvEd as the site continues to grow its community of Experts. EvolvEd co-founder Vik Jindal said of the partnership, “The EvolvEd team is very excited about our partnership with the NY Chess Academy, one of the first teaching organizations to take advantage of our unique Partner Page feature. There are many institutions like the NY Chess Academy consisting of teachers, mentors, coaches and experts, who need a platform with our technical capabilities including scheduling, video conference calling, SEO and social marketing tools to attract new students. Our NY Chess Academy partnership is a model for other schools, non-profits, and organizations that are looking to grow their business and expand their reach and influence in this new world.”

Many businesses–from tutoring companies to outdoor gear stores and everything in-between–have employees with significant and valuable expertise. A Partner Page allows a business to expand its brand on the EvolvEd platform and offer one-on-one lessons using the site’s in-browser video calling functionality. Employees of partner businesses can become Experts on the EvolvEd platform and be displayed prominently on the Partner Page.

The New York Chess Academy was founded in 2018 and offers services for all ages and levels of chess ability. Private lessons are available on the EvolvEd platform starting from $19 per hour. EvolvEd is excited about the expansion of the Partner Page feature for bringing new talent to the site and increasing the reach and effectiveness of partner businesses and non-profit organizations.

For more information on how to partner with EvolvEd, contact us via www.evolved.live/contact. To see the New York Chess Academy Partner page, click here.

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