5 Ways to Improve Your EvolvEd Profile

1. Make sure you know your topic back to front! Practice how you will give lessons, focus on your technique, and make sure you have the resources required to teach remotely. EvolvEd allows you to maximize your efficiency on the platform by clearly defining the subjects you will teach, your schedule, and the materials needed to learn the subject. The quality of your lessons is obviously important to retaining and expanding your business, and it is essential to hit the ground running!

2. Make sure to remain active on EvolvEd to attract clients. EvolvEd allows you to post videos, articles, and anything else about your subject. Demonstrating an interest in your subject is key to attracting clients! High quality posts will lead to followers, and this can make your profile stand out from others who offer similar lessons. You can also follow other subjects and see what others are doing. Your activity on the platform will help you stand out!

3. EvolvEd promotes your subject for you, and people can search and find you! However, a great way to expand your business is to use your own network. Post a link to your subject page on your social media accounts! This is one of the best ways to get new clients and raise awareness of the expertise you offer!

4. Ensure your video communication looks professional! Make sure your WIFI is fast enough to hand video calls. Raise your computer camera slightly above your head for a better angle. Make sure that you have a bright source of light behind the camera and not behind you! Remember that people can see what is behind you, so make sure to have a clean, presentable background.

5. Set a rate that values your skills and teaching ability fairly. Counterintuitively, many online tutors will undervalue their services. Don’t be scared to charge a little more than you think is reasonable, clients are often willing to pay more than you think! If you have followed the above instructions you can set a higher rate. Don’t forget that the more you put into EvolvEd, the more you get out of it!

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