EvolvEd Welcomes Our First Intern Team

EvolvEd has launched our beta website, and we are excited to introduce our interns who are working hard to get the word out! The team is working from their homes in different locations in the U.S. and Canada. They are currently studying a variety of subjects at Vassar College, a liberal arts college in Poughkeepsie, NY, with each one bringing something unique to our company. 

The interns are working on marketing efforts to produce content for our blog and social media accounts, to form partnerships with different organizations, and to offer courses on EvolvEd themselves. They recognize the challenges of being in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic but are staying connected to collaborate on a variety of projects and optimize the user experience on EvolvEd!

Milo Truppin

Milo is a rising senior from New York City majoring in Economics. At Vassar, he is a tour guide, member of the Outing Club and Ski Team, and he tutors economics. Previously, he has worked in city government, a non-profit in Poughkeepsie, and a landscape design firm. Milo is passionate about increasing the accessibility of education and views EvolvEd as a fantastic platform for this mission.

Annie Wang

Annie is a rising senior double-majoring in Education and Media Studies with focuses in art and psychology from Omaha, Nebraska. She taught art part-time in high school where she discovered her passion for promoting creativity and learning. Annie has studied abroad in London and interned at an educational consulting company in Beijing. Past experiences with non-profit arts organizations, art museums, and mentorship have led her to view education as a medium for expressing cultural values. She values EvolvEd’s approach to deconstructing expertise by empowering people as learners who are ready to share their knowledge with others.

Johnathan Dean

Johnathan is a rising junior from Northampton, Massachusetts, majoring in Economics with a correlate in Applied Mathematics. Johnathan competes for the Varsity Cross Country and Track & Field Teams at Vassar and is musical on campus, taking lessons for Classical Guitar and playing on his own and with other students. He acknowledges the value of 1-on-1 interaction between mentor and mentee, and believes EvolvEd is the perfect platform for this style of learning. He’s had the opportunity to hold several leadership positions in high school and college and is passionate about inspiring others to find joy in running

Elisa Sung

Elisa is a Canadian rising junior double-majoring in English and Cognitive Science with an interest in French. She is an active member of two dance orgs at Vassar, in which she has exercised her creativity by choreographing her own dances. Her previous experiences as a writing intern allowed her to learn about the various ways in which language informs, empowers, and connects individuals. To her, EvolvEd is a platform that utilizes language in all three of these ways to bring students and experts from all walks of life together. She has also taught basic French to elementary school students at a local Poughkeepsie school and learned how to make lesson plans that are not just informative, but also fun for both the students and the teacher.

Charlie Summa

Charlie is a rising senior at Vassar College from New York City pursuing a major in Political Science and a correlate in History. He is an avid music listener and has spent his last two years at Vassar running a radio show at WVKR on campus. His interest in education stems from his past experience working as a Teacher’s Assistant with Horizons for Youth in Rumson, NJ throughout all of high school. Charlie strongly believes that EvolvEd’s innovative digital classroom model presents a perfect opportunity to reach the inspired minds of the service while simultaneously facilitating the communicative 1-on-1 nature that creates an ideal environment to meaningfully expand EvolvEd users’ academic horizons.

Brooke Perlman

Brooke is a rising sophomore from Princeton, New Jersey, and is planning to major in Political Science. She is a member of the Varsity Women’s Lacrosse Team and is active in some religious clubs on campus. Brooke has learned a lot of skills from her many years at camp and from learning skills from her family members. She likes to make bracelets, engage in political discussions, find new songs to listen to, and bake whenever she can. Brooke likes that EvolvEd lets anyone teach what they are passionate about, which gives people the confidence to feel proud about their abilities.

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