Creating Opportunity from this Confusion

In a blink, I was whisked away from my dorm room to the familiar yet unfamiliar comfort of my house. My first few Zoom classes were full of confusion and awkwardness as my professors, my classmates, and myself grappled with the reality of an online semester.

With cancellations and uncertain plans, there are a myriad of emotions swimming through everyone in these unpredictable times. Some are grieving over their loved ones and fearful of the future. Some regret they did not pursue more opportunities when they had the chance and sigh, “If only I had done X earlier…”

But there is a way for you to seize these unrealized goals without taking a step out of your room.

At EvolvEd, you can learn about and teach a variety of subjects, from foreign languages and portfolio to bracelet-making and camping skills. It is a platform where you can channel your quarantine-induced restless boredom into productive energy while also connecting with others in the process. Now is the time to take control over your present.

With my previously planned study-abroad program in Paris up in the air and all dance shows for this semester cancelled, I was grieving over what could’ve been. But through EvolvEd, I can continue pursuing my two greatest passions by sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with people who are eager to learn these subjects.

French and dance have already become my coping mechanisms during my weeks of quarantine and social distancing. I connect with fellow French-speaking friends and we exchange French memes and puns. I have to admit, these are one of my main sources of laughter and smiles. As a bilingual, I can enjoy double the memes and so I get double the amusement. At times, I write French poetry and lean back on my plain off-white chair, imagining myself at a Parisian cafe. The daydream is comforting, even though it isn’t real.

Moving my body through dance helps me express how I’m feeling and keeps me from lounging on my couch in an unproductive stupor all day. I create my own choreographies and feel in control of my life as I dance, and this sense of certainty is what I cling to in these stressful, ever-changing circumstances.

EvolvEd enables me to forge connections with people across states and countries by teaching what I love. My passions may become their passions. I may learn something about what I’m teaching from one of my students. Together, we can find something to hold on to in the current states of our lives.


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