Learning to Cope: Adapting to the Circumstances of COVID-19

“2020 is going to be the year I…” was the sentiment of millions of people around the world as they drew up their resolutions, made their travel plans, and sent out their wedding invitations.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, education has had to adapt. Schools have closed, Zoom has exploded with new traffic, and educators have reassured us of their crucial role as pillars in society. Teachers have had to reimagine their lessons to be delivered exclusively online, engaging students in novel ways, and adapting their curriculum to a format where their presence is projected over a screen, narrating a PowerPoint.

Simultaneously, we are experiencing an era of Netflix parties, bread-baking, and creative projects as people find ways to entertain in the midst of home isolation with no end in sight. We have entered an era of uncertainty where curiosity, creativity, and socializing (six feet apart) have proven to be essential coping mechanisms for preserving sanity. At EvolvEd, these values drive a mission to connect experts and learners through live video sessions rather than broadcasted talking heads. We don’t advertise an expert and ask you to pay hundreds, just to watch recorded content.

Here, we believe in a new type of learning–between people as individuals where everyone can bring something to the table. From languages to bracelet making to mindful meditation, our online offerings will instantly connect you with another human being to learn a new skill you’ve been meaning to try,  to make yourself more marketable in a time of mass unemployment, or to discover a hobby to pass the long hours at home.

EvolvEd invites you to join a community of learners, to learn and help others learn, because we’re in this together.


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