Introducing EvolvEd

EvolvEd is here, and we are excited to share it with a growing community of teachers and learners of so many different interests and skills.

The site is located at (Please note that it works on desktops and laptops but is not configured to work properly on tablets or phones, yet.)

How it works: 

  • Users sign up for EvolvEd and can become experts, who create subjects they wish to teach (such as health coaching, any academic topics, cooking, arts, languages, and more). The Expert sets their hourly rate (it can be free of charge) and calendar availability for each subject they created. 
  • Other users search for subjects to learn, and book one-on-one lessons with the Expert to be held via browser-based video chat. 
  • Social features (including a content feed for each subject) help experts build a broader following—even from people they’re not teaching—leading to more engagement and a better community experience for both teachers and students overall.  

Having just launched, we are working to build up content on the site so new users get a sense for how it works. Thus, we’d really appreciate if you could become a beta user and do the following:

  • Create a profile
  • Become an expert
  • Create a subject or two that you could teach if you want (including a full subject description, and ideally a video introduction). 
  • Set your availability and test the booking functionality. If you don’t want any bookings at the moment, set your availability to “No Availability” for all 7 days of the week. On the other hand, to play with the feature, set a schedule that includes available timeslots for booking. 
  • Post in your feed for each subject. Even if the post is just a YouTube video, a link to an article, or a “hello” to your potential followers, every post helps show the community how the site works. Posting content is key to building an audience for each of your subjects. 
  • Follow subjects and message people on the site. Right now, a follow means you’ll receive that Expert’s posts for their subject in your feed. 
  • Invite a client or student, and connect with them for a videochat session.

You can find instructions on how to use the site at

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions! 

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