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Introducing Sivana’s Group Class Feature

Many students and instructors alike are familiar with the benefits of one-on-one learning: high quality interactions with instructors, elimination of distractions, low stress environment, etc. Though one-on-one learning has its strengths, evidence suggests that small group classes can have other advantages that cannot be offered by one-on-one learning. Small group settings allow students to participateContinue reading “Introducing Sivana’s Group Class Feature”

Tip of the Week: Combating Procrastination

Procrastination is often considered to be the product of laziness; when you don’t have the motivation to do something, you simply don’t do it. The fact is, procrastination is considerably more complicated than this common preconception. After carefully researching this psychological phenomenon, experts concluded that procrastination is often the result of a lack of motivation,Continue reading “Tip of the Week: Combating Procrastination”


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